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Your business brochure on your customer's mobiles

You can now propose your small business brochure to your customers so they can always have it on them on their iPhone, Smartphone, laptop, iPad, ANdroid Tablet, Kindle, eReader...

Of course you could provide them a PDF but it won't adapt to their device screen size. A simple website would do the trick but some of your customers aren't connected all the time. Your customers would like an imporved electronic Business card...

To do so, you can use the ePub format. ePub is the format for eBooks. The advantage is that it is "reflowable", the contents will very easilly adapt to the screen of the device.

Here is an example : I took the menu of one of my favorite restaurants (Filosofia Italiana) and I converted it to ePub.

Than I can download it on many devices :
iPhone/iPad/iPod :
    • Option 1 : import the ePub file in  iTunes (--> File --> Add to Library), the eBook will appear in iBooks
    • Option 2 : install BlueFire Reader before the ePub file download
  • Android Tablets/Smart Phones
    • With Aldico
      • Download the ePub file
      • Copy the ePub with a file manager like Astro in the /sdcard/ebooks/import folder
    • With FBReader
      • At the download, Android should ask if you want to read the eBook avec FBReader. Accept.
  • On your PC
    • Install SIGIL
    • Install Adobe Digital Editions
All the above softwares are free (bu thde devices and telcoms aren't ;-) )

Here are some images with the epub menu of  Filosofia Italiana:

On an ANDROID SmartPhone:

From 20101129 ePub 4 Business

On a "Chinese iPad"Android Tablet :
From 20101129 ePub 4 Business

From 20101129 ePub 4 Business

On the iPad:

From 20101129 ePub 4 Business

On PC/Mac:
From 20101129 ePub 4 Business

Soon more pics : on ePaper and iPhone/iPod...